The Secret Recipe for a Winning Loyalty Program

Understand challenges of brands and learn about overall cutting edge strategies to build Retention & Engagement with data, automation, and gamification

About This Event

With the high expectations of consumers, and growing competition day today. Brands need to have a unique strategy to build long-lasting relationships with each consumer to drive great CLTV and interim Brand Advocacy for exponential revenue growth.

Discover the blueprint to create a Winning Loyalty program and Personalization that drives growing results and builds meaningful, long-lasting relationships with customers in a growing competitive landscape.

Froogal will be hosting a webinar in collaboration with Konsälidön and Könnected Insights on the Topic “The secret recipe of a winning loyalty program” to discuss today’s challenges of Brands and overall cutting edge strategies to build Retention & Engagement like never before with data, automation, and gamification.

Some key takeaways that you’ll gain are:
1. How to maximize the Rich Data Collection from consumers
2. Reward Program Strategies that will give the best traction
3. How Data can power the incremental participation of rewards program
4. How to define customer lifetime journeys that will increase the engagement and revenues at ROI
5. How to incorporate Gamification elements across the consumer journey to maximize traction
6. How to build brand advocacy as a part of engagement strategy
7. Importance of Omnichannel business adoption

December 7, 2021
11:00 am
11:45 am
[GMT +4]
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