Anne Marie Thodsen

Serial entrepreneur and CSR, Sustainability, and Environmental and Social Risk Expert passionate about driving companies to reach their full potential.

About me

Anne is the Managing Director of The Umbrella Institute, a UAE based ESG & Sustainability advisory.

The Umbrella Institute is specialized in business behaviour and triple bottom line transformation, ESG & Sustainability reporting, and program development.

Anne’s passion lies in empowering leaders taking action their organizational triple bottom line impact - And advocating the effects of the change to other business leaders. According to Anne, ESG represents a pivot in the way corporate communication is handled: ESG is disclosing intentions with ethical and moral implications, and as such introducing greater transparency and opening the company up to a new set of investors and stakeholders with a responsibility focused portfolio.

She is a serial entrepreneur who has worked in the area of sustainability and corporate responsibility for more than a decade. She has been involved in business transformation at the operational level, as the GM in a Middle Eastern construction company and owner of a green storage facility in Denmark.

Her work is based on the firm knowledge that companies who share openly and act responsibly, drives greater engagement and ultimately have a more loyal customer base and sustainable income for the long-term.

Anne Marie Thodsen

Speaker's events

Day 4
1:00 pm

Business Transformation with the 17 SDGs

The 17 SDGS (Sustainable Development Goals) are amazing business realization tools, that benefits any company of any industry and size.

Day 1
2:30 pm

Sustainability – Moving from risk to opportunity

The session is focusing on making sustainable transformation a business opportunity, rather than focusing on it as a business risk.

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