Rajiv Narang

Innovation Thought Leader, member of the National Planning Commission to recommend 'India's Innovation Strategy', lead architect of the 'Innovation for India' Foundation, and co-author of "Orbit Shifting Innovation - The Dynamics of Ideas that Create History".

About me

Rajiv founded Erehwon in 1989 and he has over the last 30 years lead it to becoming the world’s & India’s leading Innovation Consulting firm.

His passion for Innovation & Imagination has no boundaries.  He brings unique & in-depth insights into the Strategic, Organizational & Leadership dimensions of Innovation.  And what’s more, as a compelling, powerful speaker he has inspired people across cultures & across the world into realizing ‘What does it take to bring alive Orbit-shifting Innovation?'

Rajiv’s perspective & insights in Innovation cut across Business, Social & Public services. His capacity to bring together insights from these worlds into seamless & holistic Innovation models is unparalleled.

He has over the last thirty years led a diverse and rich portfolio of strategic innovation & leadership initiatives with organizations like Bank of America, Max New York Life, Novartis, Unilever, IFF, Infosys, Wipro, ESPN.  He partnered in architecting Marico’s ‘Innovation for India’ foundation and the ‘Innovation for India’ awards.  He pioneered ‘The Challenger’ – Insight project that finally culminated in Erehwon’s first book ‘Making Breakthrough Innovation happen’ – How 11 Indians did the Impossible?

Recognized as India’s Innovation thought leader,  Rajiv has engaged:
• as a part of National Planning Commission panel to recommend  ‘India’s Innovation Strategy’.
• as a Council member of the ‘Innovation for India’ Foundation &
• as a Co-chairperson of the FICCI Innovation Committee.

His Mission is to enable the world to leverage Innovation, to find  non-linear  answers for the immense challenges that face our planet today. The mission to build Erehwon into that powerful & catalytic force that will positively influence and transform an organization's capacity to Innovate and make a meaningful difference.

Rajiv Narang

Speaker's events

Day 3
9:00 am

Breaking through Gravity to Transform the Impact of a New Strategy

The reality is that most New Organization Strategies get diluted in execution. This Workshop is to trigger new Insights into ‘what does it take to combat dilution and maximize the pace and Impact of a new Strategy’.

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