Ahmed Taibah

Co founder & CEO of EDESIGN, Co Founder of Themar Crowdfunding and Security Walnut Solution

About me

Strong engagement ability enabling to lead and build relationships, align strategic direction of consultancy services to build credible platforms, and introduce strategies that can consistently contribute to the changing demands and plans of an organization. Recommending forward-thinking technology, consultancy & international management services to a portfolio of clients across Saudi, implementing credible, critical, and relevant ideas that develop and transform partnerships

With little over 18 years of progressive experience in guiding clients through their technological marketing and commercial goals to support the improvement of revenue targets and lead, manage, and advise clients on various technology capabilities such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Science & analysis, Blockchain, Automation, Digital Transformation, and Cyber Security.

Successfully delivered all social media and online activities for Mercedes-Benz KSA which included the launch of new cars or models, tactical campaigns, and retail promotions resulting in cementing their dominant position in the KSA market digitally and successfully provided a comprehensive solution for KEY by creating a new website and mobile app being integrated with the booking engine and internal system, encompassing selecting a vehicle, booking, and insurance resulting in the first full eCommerce car rental website in KSA.

A forward-thinking problem solver with the ability to drive solutions that has a positive commercial impact on business, A future foresight-minded professional focused on accountability and integrity on business relations that can progress a partnership forward. Ability to implement, manage, change, and advance business solutions resulting in business security, efficiency, performance, and growth.

Dedicated and committed, holding a Bachelor of Science, Industrial Engineering from King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals,

Ahmed Taibah

Speaker's events

Day 4
2:00 pm

The heart of all digital marketing measurement and analytics

Understand the essential elements of a successful marketing measurement strategy, from understanding objectives, choice of tools and configuration to effective analysis and communication.

Day 2
5:00 pm

Customer Personalization in Digital Marketing

Gain valuable insights on the importance of customer personalization to maximize  Digital Marketing ROI

Day 5
10:00 am

How To Increase Your E-commerce conversion by 30%

Get an over all experience about how to increase e-commerce sales, strategy, tactics and best practices

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