Sustainability – Moving from risk to opportunity

The session is focusing on making sustainable transformation a business opportunity, rather than focusing on it as a business risk.

Anne Marie Thodsen
Serial entrepreneur and CSR, Sustainability, and Environmental and Social Risk Expert passionate about driving companies to reach their full potential.
About This Event

Many global organizations currently review whether they should progress with sustainable transformation. The transformation is viewed as a risk that they are not willing to take due to the scope being too large to comprehend from a distance.

We argue that sustainable transformation is an opportunity. And an opportunity that will pay back greatly on the organization’s reputation and ability to engage their key stakeholders, as well as winning new audiences when communicated right.

The companies that progress with a more balanced business behavior, one that understands that natural resources are finite, and that the surrounding society is important to build up, will see the outcome on their financial bottom line.

Attend this webinar as we discuss how sustainability represents a unique opportunity to ignite the corporate culture across departments, engage the most valued stakeholders and anticipate their customer’s needs in advance.

In this short and sweet session we will enable you to realize some of the business opportunities your organization can attract if you transform the management mindset to incorporating the triple bottom line approach (People, Planet & Profit)

March 21, 2021
2:30 pm
3:00 pm
[GMT +4]
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