Breaking through Gravity to Transform the Impact of a New Strategy

The reality is that most New Organization Strategies get diluted in execution. This Workshop is to trigger new Insights into ‘what does it take to combat dilution and maximize the pace and Impact of a new Strategy’.

Rajiv Narang
Innovation Thought Leader, member of the National Planning Commission to recommend 'India's Innovation Strategy', lead architect of the 'Innovation for India' Foundation, and co-author of "Orbit Shifting Innovation - The Dynamics of Ideas that Create History".
About This Event

Organizations come up with a New Strategy at least every two years. But the unfortunate reality is that most new Strategies get diluted in execution – because they get executed with the old mindsets, its like new Ideas entering the old pipe.

Legacy Mental Model Boundaries become the Gravity that can drag down even the most brilliant teams and organizations and trap them into doing more of the same.

Layers of invisible mental models - constructs and beliefs (at organization, industry, country and culture level) become the boundaries that lead to a new strategy being executed in the old way.

The forces of Gravity that an organization accumulates over the years are often so strong that:
•   Merely mandating CXO’S to Execute the Strategy is not enough &
•   Even Creating New Ventures with dedicated teams is not enough.

This workshop will bring alive an approach to 'Breakthrough Mental Model Boundaries and accelerate the Pace & Impact of a new Strategy'.

Attendees can gain new Insights into Organizational Practices to execute a new strategy – in a way that maximizes the value and impact.

March 23, 2021
9:00 am
11:00 am
[GMT +4]
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