Win more orders with a sales and marketing playbook

Learn how to work agile and dynamically with your sales and marketing playbook to do better than similar companies in the same industries.

Mads Winther
Sales expert working with leading researchers and organizations around the world to shape the sales field and optimize corporate sales practices.
About This Event

In sports, it is quite common for the head coach to work with a playbook containing the strategies and tactics that makes it operational.

So when you arrive in the team, the first thing that happens is that the player is handed the team's playbook so that the player can settle in and contribute in line with the team’s style of play.

What about sales and marketing?

Similarly, can we use a playbook to operationalize our strategy and tactics?

The answer is simple YES.

It is also proven that companies that work agile and dynamically with their sales and marketing playbook do better than similar companies in the same industries.

So, we’re inviting you to understand the concept of a sales and marketing playbook better and how your company can reap the benefits of implementing and working with a playbook.

Watch the video to hear more about:

* What is a sales and marketing?
* What is the content of a sales and marketing playbook?
* What is the effect of a sales and marketing playbook?
* How do you work with your sales and marketing playbook?

In 60 minutes, you'll be inspired and gain insights on how to approach the work of a sales and marketing playbook.

The key take aways that you’ll gain are:

* Input for more efficiency in the sales and marketing process
* Input to more quality in your sales efforts
* Better coherence between sales and marketing

March 16, 2022
11:00 am
12:00 pm
[GMT +4]
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