Jyotirmoy Bose

Founder & Learner at Large with White Spaces Consulting, based in New Delhi since 2007.

About me

Jyotirmoy Bose (Jyoti) has over 30 years experience across Manufacturing, Financial Services, Information Technology, Consulting and Media sectors.

He has acquired strong conceptual & hands-on experience in enhancing organizational effectiveness, restructuring, change management and performance & reward strategies.

Jyoti has a degree in Chemical Engineering from IIT Delhi (1984) and a MBA from IIM Calcutta (1986).

His specialties include implementation support to enhance buy-in to articulated business strategy via
1) Organization Design & Job Design resulting in improved role clarity & alignment
2) Performance Measurement & Rewards, in line with strategy & clear linkage to cash & equity incentives
3) Capacity Building to develop leaders across levels to sustain growth via communication & dialogue processes
4) Cultural Transformation through influencing processes for decision making, information sharing & mistakes / failure

Jyotirmoy Bose

Speaker's events

4:00 pm

Use the ExO Framework grow 10x Faster, Cheaper and Better than the rest!

Get a better appreciation of how the convergence of exponentially advancing technologies is blurring the line between physical, digital & biological realms.

Post event Sessions
12:00 pm

How to grow 10X faster, cheaper, better

Learn about the Exponential Organisation (ExO) framework - a structured approach to help an organization achieve performance benchmarks ten times better than its peers.

Day 7
12:00 pm

Conducting difficult conversations

Learn how to discuss what matters most from seasoned professionals to handle difficult conversations effectively.

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