Piers Thurston

Thought leader with over 20 years of experience in coaching and helping organizations unlock human potential by understanding the principles of the mind

About me

Piers has over 20 years of experience in personal and professional development, change and innovation. He is the founder of Quality of Mind and Co-founder of Making Change Work and has worked with organizations across the world, including Unilever, Nestle, Ford, Mars, Kraft, GSK, HSBC, Bacardi, Pret a Manger, McCann World Group, Shell, British Red Cross, Kerry foods, Saudi Aramco, & Zahid Tractor.

Piers Thurston

Speaker's events

Day 3
5:00 pm

Quality of Mind - Future Fit

Understand the fundamentals of how the mind works to fluidly and easily realize higher performance and well-being without the need for rigorous discipline or managing thoughts and behaviors.

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