A.I - Know your customer better, make your workplace safer

Make your workplace safer and know your customer better with surveillance automation and efficient profiling

About This Event

Event Summary:

The role of using Machine Learning & Deep Learning to help B2B customers understand their end customers through Customer Profiling and make environments safer through automated surveillance using CCTV infrastructure. Real time notifications and processing using desktops or cloud for any actionable along with generation of associated analytics.

Event Description:

We will discuss the adoption of AI technologies for helping solve business problems by providing analytics using data, images, videos and automation in various functions. We plan to cover insights of its global market share, the adoption of these solutions including capital expenditure levels, operational models, ease of implementation, flexibility involved for change or enablement of additional use case etc.

Benefits for attendees:

- Understanding of AI technologies
- Solution applicability on businesses
- Infrastructure knowledge
- Customer advantage
- Automation in operations
- Digital transformation journey
- Lower capital expenditure strategy
- Minimum impact on infrastucture

Speaker’s summary

Rishi Palekar - MD & Co-Founder at Aurify Systems (India). He comes with over 25 years of IT experience having worked with various IT companies and have proven experience in different global markets.

Pranita Palekar - CEO & Co-Founder at Aurify Systems (India). She comes with 20+ years of IT experience and specializes as Retail SME, Innovation and Product development.

December 6, 2021
12:00 pm
12:45 pm
[GMT +4]
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