Strategies and Challenges for successful Food & Beverage Development - A “Foirfe” Approach

Get to know a secret simple robust NPD process that most successful innovative companies use.

Dr. Paul Bouchier
Food Science Consultant with 22+ years of experience in the F&B, Health and Dairy sector
About This Event

It has been proven to work irrespective of the size and stage of the company development. One of the important aspects of a successful innovation process is to have a right combination in human talent to maximise available resource and deliver innovative products sustainably.

This event will provide useful insights to look at NPD processes from a different prospective.To ensure long term success an organisation should constantly & consistently innovate. Majority of organisations try to squeeze-in all projects into a rigid NPD process, in contrast, successful companies have skeletal structure that can be tailored to deliver specific product/project requirements.

It is critical for any organisation to have a fluid and simple yet robust NPD process in place that can effectively use human talent to deliver sustainable innovation. In this session we will give three practical examples where Foirfe approach was used to develop commercially viable new products.Some key take aways from the session:- Understand & appreciate the Foirfe approach for NPD- Provide tools for developing an effective strategy for efficient NPD- Learn useful insights to look at NPD processes from a different prospective to use them in a simple, manageable and effective way

August 18, 2022
11:00 am
12:00 pm
[GMT +4]
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