Sharpen your Decision Making - Transform your Business

A workshop on how entrepreneurs and business managers can improve decision making and a framework for applying it to their business to transform outcomes

John Burness
Successful entrepreneur, business manager, coach and mentor with a long track record of leading and developing companies through organic growth, mergers, acquisition and sales.
About This Event

Building a business can be treacherous and lonely. Many start-ups fail within the first five years. One in three small businesses will cease to exist in the next ten. In the last fifty years over 80% of Fortune 500 companies have disappeared. It’s not surprising that most people in business live under the constant pressure of long hours, stress and risk.

In owning and running a company you face a world of harsh reality. The one thing every entrepreneur and business manager has in common is that they are constantly evaluating information in order to make decisions and impact outcomes. Every choice that you make counts! Judgement is key and good judgement is something that is rarely taught.

Do you understand how you make decisions? Do you know how you react to pressure? Have you ever thought about it? Getting this right is the difference between success and failure.

This workshop is designed for entrepreneurs and business managers to make them think about how they make decisions, to show them how to improve decision making and then provides a framework for applying this to their business to transform outcomes.

Agenda for the session:

Belief and Outcomes:
•   Our brain and our thoughts
•   How we are programmed to react
•   Conscious thought
•   The Johari Window
•   The new impact of stress

Belief and Success:
•   The reality of business
•   The purpose of business
•   Success

•   Business Culture
•   How to Change Your Thinking
•   Objective Reality and Better Decision Making

Polar Process:
•   Position
•   Objectives
•   Leadership
•   Assets
•   Resilience


“We started working with John a few years ago when we conducted a management buyout of our company from the previous owners and have used many of the techniques taught in this workshop. To date turnover has increased seventeen times and profit is up fortyfold”
Chris Jones, CEO of Datasym, retail systems software entrepreneur

“You should attend this workshop if you wish to survive and prosper and more importantly enjoy your life as an entrepreneur.”
Julia Stacey Chapman, CEO White Rabbit, events entrepreneur and one of the first women to reach the geomagnetic north pole

“The workshop reveals profound insights around success and achievement from someone who has never fallen prey to the treadmill mentality that encumbers most business people today.”
Sue Cheshire, CEO The Global Leaders Academy

March 24, 2021
5:00 pm
8:00 pm
[GMT +4]
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