Gearing up to incorporate UAE Corporate Tax

Learn more about announcement made by the MoF regarding UAE Corporate Tax and Transfer Pricing

Fazeela Gopalani
Influential Speaker with 22+ years of experience in the field of accounting and finance, and is the head of ACCA Middle east.
About This Event

To continue with our discussion on the announcement made by the MoF regarding UAE Corporate Tax and Transfer Pricing effective on the 1st of June 2023, we are delighted to invite you to join Konsälidön and ACCA Middle East in running through the next steps to be taken to 'Gear up for Corporate Tax in the UAE' with our knowledge partners from Compliance 360 and Al Tamimi & Co.Join this interactive panel with our influential guest speakers to learn more about the likely issues and areas businesses should consider for inter-company transactions and answer any questions you may have with regards to your company or business!

May 17, 2022
4:00 pm
5:00 pm
[GMT +4]
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