Establishing strong brand signals in E-Commerce

E-Commerce now extends to everything from buying groceries to even buying a car. Strong brand signals are required to sustain in a digital economy.

Anitha Smith
A media and communications specialist with 30+ years of experience in consulting for global and regional brands on distinctive media solutions and communication strategies to achieve market success
About This Event

E-Commerce is thought to be driven mainly by pricing. The ease of comparing prices between marketplaces has put pressure on brands to stay competitively priced. But with consumers now willing to use E-Commerce platforms for high value items, including Cars, there is a refocus on ‘branding’.  

To build strong brand signals in E-Commerce, the right balance between long-term brand building and ‘BUY NOW’ is important. The marketplaces themselves do notoffer too many options for brand building. They are structured to incentivize ‘BUY NOW’.

In order to find the sweet spot between long term branding and ‘BUY NOW’, a deep understanding of the customer journey is important. It is not just about movingthe customers from awareness to retention. It is about understanding the ‘why’ behind each customer action.

A brand owned E-Commerce platform provides the right environment to attract and retain loyal customer base. But it does not scale fast enough or far enough.Online marketplaces provide the scale and the reach, but is price sensitive. What is the sustainable model to work towards?

Attendees get the benefit of learning:
•    The changing dynamics of Ecommerce – from dominance of functional brands to emergence of high-value brands.
•    Approach to building a strong brand to sustain in a digital economy with practical tips.
•    Approach to finding the ‘sweet spot’ between long-term branding and ‘BUY NOW’ on E-commerce, to better plan the customer journey.
•    Understanding limitations and benefits of marketplace-oriented and owned Ecommerce infrastructure.
•    A brief overview of the proprietary business framework C.A.R.T.
•    PHYGiTALNOW promise and introductory offer

March 24, 2021
4:00 pm
5:00 pm
[GMT +4]
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