Anitha Smith

A media and communications specialist with 30+ years of experience in consulting for global and regional brands on distinctive media solutions and communication strategies to achieve market success

About me

Anitha has 30+ years of experience in strategic media consultation for global and regional brands across multiple industries. With a strong foundation in analogue media and being an early initiator of integrating digital with traditional media, she understands the importance of mass targeting techniques in today’s microtargeting world. Her ability to analyse data with a strategic focus has resulted in inventive communication solutions. She believes in simplifying complexities so that clients have the right information to take the right action.

She co-founded PHYGiTALNOW to bring the expertise gained through handling multinational brands across multiple markets to the SME sector. She believes the rigour and strategic focus required for multinational brands are equally important for smaller and local brands. Their consultancy models are built around the on-ground realities SME sector face.

Anitha Smith

Speaker's events

Day 6
4:00 pm

Digital Transformation for SMEs – Understand the ‘Essentials’ and the ‘Excess’

Transformation into a digitally enabled business infrastructure has become more urgent post COVID. For a sustainable and profitable transformation, a structured adoption of digital tools and systems is required.

Day 4
4:00 pm

Establishing strong brand signals in E-Commerce

E-Commerce now extends to everything from buying groceries to even buying a car. Strong brand signals are required to sustain in a digital economy.

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