Circular Economy - Moving from Plastic Pollution to Plastic Innovation

The session is focused on understanding how we can innovate with single-use plastic and thus support the circular economy.

Richaa Bansal
With 17+ years of global and regional operations and sales experience in research and consulting, she excels in understanding client challenges and optimizing ROI through actionable insights. Her expertise spans various sectors and clients worldwide.
About This Event

This webinar is focused on understanding that plastic pollution is a BIG problem and it's high time steps are taken!

By getting inspired through real-life events. the aim of this session is to implement plastic innovation in our daily lives.

Many global organizations review how they can create a sustainable IMPACT and give back to the community. And while the thought is noble, the transformation itself is viewed as a risk they are not willing to take, due to lack of awareness, inspiration or the scope being too large to comprehend.

Given the importance of the circular economy in the given times, we look at it as an opportunity to INNOVATE! This webinar’s focus is on Plastic Pollution to Plastic Innovation.

The companies that progress with a more balanced business behaviour, one that understands that natural resources are finite and that the surrounding society is important to build up, will see the outcome not only on their impact initiatives but on their bottom lines as well.

Sustainability represents a unique opportunity to ignite the corporate culture across departments, engage the most valued stakeholders and anticipate their customer’s needs in advance, and innovate something phenomenal to contribute to the circular economy.

Let’s hear some inspiring stories from global organizations and tips to starting points for your own corporate’s social and business impact journey.

In this session we aim to inspire you to think of business opportunities your organization can create if you think of plastic waste as treasure and not trash and contribute to the circular economy and also inspire Youth to create IMPACT.

March 22, 2021
12:00 pm
1:00 pm
[GMT +4]
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