Profiting from Business Intelligence - Vanity vs Sanity

Our panel discusses how businesses can surface their most important insights to unlock revenue and profit-driving opportunity.

Gary Douglas
Strategy and Engineering Director, leading analytics consultancy, UK
About This Event

Our panel discussed how businesses can surface their most important insights to unlock revenue and profit-driving opportunity.

Business Intelligence strategies allow organizations to have up-to-date knowledge of business performance, uncover where value and future opportunities lie, understand how to get data from Point A to points of need throughout the business, safely and efficiently, analyze the financial effects of pulling various Business & Marketing-related levers, plan with the most accurate and exhaustive data in the business and build solid foundations for high-quality predictive analytics

In this discussion, we were joined by leading thinkers and practitioners in marketing and analytics to discuss how you can enable and optimize Business Intelligence solutions to grow your revenue and increase your profit.

Attendees will learn the ‘must-knows’ of BI Strategy and BI set-up, discover how they can generate the right insights to drive the right decisions, understand the importance of result indicators, understand which metrics and KPIs indicate quick wins/instant actions, data, or knowledge gaps, the potential for advanced analysis and opportunities for optimization

The discussion will also touch on a range of data-related themes such as prediction Modeling & Machine Learning, Forecasting & Pricing Analysis, Data Collection & Transformation, and more...

About the Speakers:

Anne Sargeant, Data Science Director at Lynchpin, UK:

With 20+ years of analytical experience, Anne Sargeant heads up Lynchpin’s Data Science team where she works with a host of blue-chip clients including Emirates, Canon, and Allergan.

Anne is an expert in BI, data mining, predictive analytics, and statistical modeling – having worked as an analyst both client-side and consultancy through many projects.

As Data Science Director, Anne leads a team of analytics professionals and is actively involved in client project delivery where she and her team utilize: visualizations & data storytelling, customer profiling and segmentation, campaign and marketing analysis, product recommendations, pricing analytics, and KPI tracking and evaluation, to name just a few areas of core expertise

Gary Douglas, Strategy and Engineering Director at Lynchpin, UK:

Gary has extensive experience in consulting to build data and analytics strategies and solutions for leading organizations across the UK, EU, and the US.

He has helped businesses to transform their existing data and build new processes and workflows to enable businesses to scale their ambition through a data-driven mindset – increasing sales, reducing costs, and supporting improvements to the customer experience.

Having worked both agency and client-side and with significant experience in Financial Services organizations in the UK, he brings a practical knowledge of successful data and analytics structures. Building on a Ph.D. in particle physics, he understands the challenges from a C-level through to a practitioner-level view.

Prajual Paul Antao, Head of Digital Marketing at NMC Healthcare, Dubai:

Prajual is a results-focused manager with a thorough understanding of social media, content marketing, customer engagement, and community-building strategies. With a proven record of driving sales again and increase brand awareness, lead generation through digital and offline marketing campaigns.

Adeel Ahmed, Marketing Director at Nahdi Medical Co., Saudi Arabia

Adeel is Brand, Marketing & Commercial Business Leader. He has 13+ years of experience in blue-chip FMCG with Procter & Gamble across Switzerland, the Middle East, Africa, and Pakistan.

He Completed multiple successful assignments at P&G covering Brand Design, Equity, Product & Commercial Innovations, Digital Social & Influencer Marketing, and End to End delivery with full P&L responsibility.

Jacob Dermelkonian, Head of Marketing at Doha Bank, Qatar

Jacob Dermelkonian, a disciplined and top-performing strategist, Marketing, Business Development, and Communications professional, with nearly 2 decades of experience in the EMEA and GCC region. He is now the Head of Marketing at Doha Bank and the Founder of Jacob International Group

Sonal Dawda, Head of Sales & Marketing at Dubai National Insurance and Reinsurance

She is a Marketing and Sales-driven leader; instrumental in establishing effective marketing and sales strategies, identifying key clients, developing strong relationships, and delivering solution-based services. Strong team-building skills accompanied with demonstrated ability to coordinate cross-functional groups in accomplishing organisational objectives and meeting critical deadlines in a fast-paced, high-growth, and competitive business environment. Recognized excellence to effectively interact with customers, develop a deep level of trust with industry professionals resulting in appreciation and recommendation from customer and business partners.

September 16, 2021
4:00 pm
5:00 pm
[GMT +4]
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