How to increase your hiring success rate to above 90%?

Understand common hiring mistakes and what can you do to increase your hiring success to above 90%.

About This Event

Did you know that the average cost of “mis-hiring” is 8 to 15 times the person’s base salary and hours wasted averages over 200 per person?

Did you know that the Traditional interview methods have only a 25% success rate with hiring, managing, and promoting.

In this webinar you will learn about the common hiring mistakes and what can you do to increase your hiring success to above 90%.

In this session, we will cover:

1.  Average success rate of traditional interviews
2. Cost of miss-hire
3. Common Mistakes
4. How reliable are different assessment methods
5. The success formula to take the success rate to above 90%
   a) Understanding the requirement
   b) Managing the expectations
   c) Psychometric Assessments
   d) CIDS interviews
   e) Reference Check

If we’re all as good as we think we are at judging people, our companies would be overflowing with A+ superstars.

Unfortunately, as much we like to believe we’re great at hiring, we don’t have the outcomes to show for it: we’re not overflowing with incredible talent. That means most of us have some work to do.

In traditional hiring – no matter how clever the questions – it’s extremely easy for a mediocre candidate to show up great.

And unfortunately, the opposite is also true. How many people have you not hired who were actually exceptional, but your interview process couldn’t pull it out of them?

If you are interested in learning a hiring process that is two to three times more likely to recruit A+ candidates, then this webinar is a must attend.

March 29, 2021
11:00 am
12:00 pm
[GMT +4]
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