Digital Transformation for SMEs – Understand the ‘Essentials’ and the ‘Excess’

Transformation into a digitally enabled business infrastructure has become more urgent post COVID. For a sustainable and profitable transformation, a structured adoption of digital tools and systems is required.

Anitha Smith
A media and communications specialist with 30+ years of experience in consulting for global and regional brands on distinctive media solutions and communication strategies to achieve market success
About This Event

Post COVID economy is being driven by digital and technology adoption across sectors. There are clear signs that E-commerce has become an integral part of the path to recovery.

But digital transformation is a marathon, not a sprint. The fast-changing digital ecosystem is complex and needs a structured methodology to navigate through it. There are ‘essential’ steps to take in the right order so that businesses can realise their full revenue potential. There are also steps that might seem as ‘Excess’ currently but can open up new revenue streams in future.

PHYGiTALNOW has developed a proprietary business framework C.A.R.T. that can steer this transformation in the right direction. By understanding the levers that help orient the business towards ‘Customers’, building an ‘Architecture’ that is robust enough to meet the customer demands, deploying an effective and efficient communication framework to ‘Reach’ the right target audience, and therefore achieve sustainable ‘Transaction’ targets.  

The transformation journey starts with a ‘C.A.R.T. Audit’ that sets the pace of transformation. The framework is adaptable to different industries and different business models whether it is Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer.

Attendees get the benefit of learning:
•     An overview of facts that are driving the digital economy and why digital transformation is a necessary and urgent step for future growth.
•     A brief overview of what digital transformation is and what are the ‘essential’ and ‘excess’ steps to take.
•     How do these steps work towards achieving sustainable growth?
•     A brief overview of the proprietary business framework C.A.R.T.
•     An interactive preview of C.A.R.T. Audit to understand the digital maturity of attendees’ businesses.
•     An example of the Audit result and subsequent recommendation.
•     PHYGiTALNOW promise and introductory offer.

March 28, 2021
4:00 pm
5:00 pm
[GMT +4]
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