Sales Communication for Sales Excellence

Sales communication is crucial for success – but do you know what it is and do you practice it?

Mads Winther
Sales expert working with leading researchers and organizations around the world to shape the sales field and optimize corporate sales practices.
About This Event

Sales communication is crucial for success – but do you know what it is and do you practice it?

How to achieve excellence in your personal sales skills?

We often address sales excellence as a structure and process in sales. But personal behavior is more important than ever. We have a lesser chance to score a goal, so our shooting technique must be excellent. That’s why salespeople need to practice and work with their communication, argumentation, objection handling, and closing skills.

But to do this you need to know, what is excellent communication. In this event, we will unveil a lot of practical tools and cases for practice. This will all be done in an easily understandable way and based on specific cases.

Come join us and get inspired on how you can improve your skills, how you can develop your sales team, and how you can be a better communicator.

Viewers will benefit from:
✦ Learn how to structure your customer conversation
✦ Get inspired on how to be more efficient in communication
✦ Get tools on how to handle objections and close deals
✦ Gain insights on how to practice communication and be excellent

October 25, 2021
11:00 am
12:00 pm
[GMT +4]
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