New winners in B2B sales

Learn more insights into how digitalisation has created lasting changes in the way we buy and sell in B2B sales.

Mads Winther
Sales expert working with leading researchers and organizations around the world to shape the sales field and optimize corporate sales practices.
About This Event

Based on sales research in Denmark and the essence of the global research results, there is a report that gives you insights into how digitalisation has created lasting changes in the way we buy and sell in B2B sales.

Customers experience that they get too much irrelevant information. Instead, they lack personalized content and have a greater willingness to make their purchases online. Approximately, every fourth participant in a survey conducted has seen great reason to change their sales strategy and as many as 86% expect increased digitization within the next 2 years.

Sales as a team sport between departments are no longer "nice-to" but "need-to". Sellers need to be clearer and more value-creating to avoid becoming irrelevant. It's time to rethink the role of the sales manager from leading salespeople to leading sales.Most sales organizations have only just begun the journey towards a completely different B2B world. - the journey involves managing change and places great demands on a strong culture with a common purpose.

April 27, 2022
2:30 pm
3:30 pm
[GMT +4]
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