Making your analytics strategy customer centric

Innovative brands understand the importance of data-driven decision making to improve bottom-line growth. The panel discussion will highlight the challenges and benefits of adopting a customer-centric approach.

Gary Douglas
Strategy and Engineering Director, leading analytics consultancy, UK
About This Event

As businesses increasingly look to adopt a data-driven mindset it remains an imperative for businesses to invest in a data strategy that creates tangible value from data.

Bringing a customer-centric approach helps brands accelerate their ambition, improving customer engagement and personalisation.

There is a growing shift to pivot towards a customer-centric view of this data that allows brands to focus on the customer, to design around customer experiences, customer viewpoints and challenges.

In this panel discussion, we will consider the challenges in adopting a customer-centric data and analytics strategy. The discussion will focus on how businesses need to balance the tensions between business, marketing and product and what that means for existing data processes and systems.

We will consider how data is a catalyst for the change towards a mindset that is founded in customer-centric data. We’ll discuss some of the key business changes that need to happen to make a success of a data and analytics strategy, considering how culture, business processes, skillsets, reporting and modelling need to evolve to secure that success.

Attendees will understand the common challenges and the vast opportunities in developing a customer-centric data and  analytics strategy.

•    A view on changing customer needs and expectations
•    How analytics supports a customer-centric vision / ethos
•    Why a data-driven mindset transforms expectations
•    Connecting customer touchpoints to outcomes – the role of data and analytics
•    Engagement models in an organisation – what needs to change
•    Importance of a measurement framework that is scalable, efficient, and relevant.

March 25, 2021
4:00 pm
5:00 pm
[GMT +4]
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