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Innovation VS Reality. Is it realistic to go for highly innovative and complex technologies to train a group of people? That is the dilemma around which the e-learning talk will turn. Being facilitators is the philosophy that we have taken at EvolMind after the experience gained over years in the e-learning sector and that the pandemic has done nothing but reaffirm.  

The democratization of e-learning means that everyone has access and is able to take advantage of its benefits, and this happens, as we have seen over the years in other sectors, through simple solutions whose learning time and effort is minimal.

E-learning and SaaS are words on the rise in recent months as they have become solutions for many companies to different challenges. But what are the options that we currently have for online training? How to start an e-learning project? How to remove entry barriers? What do you really need to start it? What factors must be taken into account?

We will clarify the steps to take, dismantle myths and demolish fears to show that everyone can do online training without any experience or prior knowledge on the subject.

After the talk, you will be the one to decide between the most modern and innovative technologies with virtual reality, gamification, or an easy option that can be used by most users with a usual level of computer knowledge. You choose!

Through this session, attendees can learn:

•    Discover why e-learning is on the rise since the pandemic began. Online training is here to stay, not as an option but as a necessity.
•    Learn how e-learning can contribute to your business even if training is not the core of your company.
•    Start an e-learning project without fears and avoid the typical mistakes.
•    You will be able to choose the right tools for your training and distinguish the real requirements against flashy innovative techniques.
•    Save annoyances and a lot of time when launching an e-learning project.  
•    Make it possible to start an online training quickly and without experience. You will know everything you need before starting.

March 24, 2021
12:00 pm
1:00 pm
[GMT +4]
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