José Reales

Head of Communication at EvolMind, a company specialized in training software since 2006

About me

José Reales is the Head of Communications of EvolMind, a company specialized in the development of software for elearning. During last year he has experienced the great leap for the sector, due to the current pandemic, which has made this type of training more of a necessity than an option.

Confinement, teleworking and social distance have made that, in just a few months, not only the number of customers and elearning users has expanded enormously, but also the type of needs, subjects and types of companies that have chosen online training as a solution for their different challenges: internal training, customer support, academic training or just to continue with training that was previously only face-to-face.

The main product that José Reales and the rest of the team work on is evolCampus, an elearning platform, that stands out for its simplicity, to manage and centralize an entire elearning project. Consulting, foundations, training centers and companies of all kinds are currently part of their clients.

In EvolMind he has been able to see how the approach of customers to elearning has changed a lot these months, now with more urgency and a clear requirement: a hassle-free solution.

Discover first-hand the concerns of clients before and after the pandemic, the real needs and the barriers with which all those who want to do online training are usually found.

José Reales

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12:00 pm

Don't try E-Learning until you know this: Innovation vs Reality

Have you considered e-learning? Discover the keys to enter one of the sectors that has grown the most this year, without making the typical mistakes.

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