Stefan Osthaus

Customer & Employee Experience Expert, global keynote speaker, and best-selling author of "The End of Work-Life Balance."

About me

Stefan is the founder and president of the Customer Institute which has certified hundreds of customer centric organizations around the world.

He has been a leader in Fortune 500 companies and an advisor to multinational organizations for more than 20 years. His passion and expertise have helped improve the experiences of millions of citizens, half a billion customers and hundreds of thousands of employees around the globe.

As a thought leader and advisor, Stefan helps government entities and global organizations in B2B and B2C become more customer centric and more employee centric. One of his signature skills is to leverage the synergy of CX and EX improvements for the benefit of the overall experience initiative.

As the president of the Customer Institute, Stefan and his global board of directors set the gold standard in customer experience and provide the recognition for excellence in the world of customer centricity.

The experience from both activities makes Stefan a sought-after judge for global awards, keynote speaker at key events around customer centricity, as well as a bestselling author in the field.

Stefan is also a board member of the global business partnership Executive Experience Consultants (EEC), a group of senior experience consultants, each with individual experience as executive leaders in this field.

Stefan Osthaus

Speaker's events

Day 2
2:00 pm

How to make customer centricity your superpower?

How does your customer perceive their interactions with your company? Join us to learn how to excel at customer experience.

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