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This session will introduce what really works by Fred Copestake, Author of 'Selling Through Partnering Skills'.

Today’s sales success is based on being:
•     More focused effective selling activity
•     More modern in approach and technique
•     More aligned to customer and own goals

The world of sales has changed

Evolution and revolution has led to some common modern sales challenges:

‘Busy Busy Busy’
– results in wasted opportunities, is tiring and stressful and focuses on the wrong activities to deliver results

‘Olde Worlde’
– is when salespeople are too self-centred, too technical or use bad techniques

‘Muddled Mindset’
– can happen at organisation, management and individual level; confusion leads to frustration and wasted effort

You can change:

Counter  ‘Busy Busy Busy’ by become more effective.
•     Prepare to make the most of opportunities
•     Plan to balance work reduce stress stressful
•     Process to focus on the right activity

Counter ‘Olde Worlde’ by getting up to date.
•     Flip attention to the world of the customer
•     Follow an approach that identifies issues
•     Focus on things that actually work

Counter ‘Muddled Mindset’ by creating better alignment through
•     Clarity within the organisation
•     Coaching by management
•     Confirmation individuals approach adds value

You can be part of the movement using modern thinking, tools and technology to make a difference in sales and be proud to move the profession forward

By booking on this session presented LIVE you will get:
•     Understanding of evolution of sales and modern best practice
•     Identification of YOUR type of selling
•     Introduction to Partnering Skills (PQ) including a FREE self audit tool
•     A framework for aligning YOUR sales approach
•     FREE access to Collaborative Selling scorecard
•     Special gift to drive personal effectiveness
•     B1G1 donation on your behalf

March 25, 2021
11:00 am
12:00 pm
[GMT +4]
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