Vanessa Ugatti

An authentic, transparent and down-to-earth keynote speaker, best-selling author and transformational coach who is passionate about helping honest, talented lawyers get paid their true worth.  She speaks directly to your heart, mind and soul, motivating you to take inspired action.

About me

Vanessa is the founder of The True Worth Expert and Author of Amazon Best Seller, “True Worth”. She helps professional services firms and individuals go from utterly clueless and powerless to expert and confident when charging their clients, by sharing her TRUE WORTH magic formula which cures this familiar problem.

Vanessa Ugatti

Speaker's events

Day 7
3:00 pm

How To Take Charge And Get Paid What You’re Worth

Vanessa Ugatti will help your firm stop over-servicing and undercharging clients by sharing a blueprint of her TRUE WORTH methodology.

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