Pradyumna Nag

A strategic finance expert with a track record of 300+ engagements across 20+ countries. He excels in streamlining businesses using innovative finance tools and adaptive management frameworks. A sought-after speaker, his expertise spans strategic finance, valuations, private equity, and strategic planning.

About me

Nag has handled over 300+ engagements in the field of strategic finance in organizations in over 20+ countries across the world. Clients managed include listed companies to award-winning startups including the portfolio of top-tier VCs like Sequoia, Accel Partners, Omidyar, YC, Breakthrough Energy, among others.

His key strength has been to bring in a ‘funnel vision approach’ to streamline and organize businesses using strong strategic finance tools and the newest & most adaptive management frameworks around. He operates with the key mantras of ‘going to the basics’ + ‘do more with less’ + ‘deploy an ROI style thinking’ across the organization.

He has been a speaker at the Indonesia Economic Forum, Entrepreneur® Summit, Apex® PE/VC Summit, TechBharat and various professional bodies and trade associations. He speaks on topics such as Strategic Finance, Valuations, Private Equity & Strategic Planning. His paper on practical approaches to valuing a running business is part of the ‘Professional Insights’ material of the Valuation Standards Board.

Pradyumna Nag

Speaker's events

Day 2
9:00 am

Raising Private Equity, Unraveling the world of Venture Financing

A webinar aimed to help founders understand and navigate the what, when, who & how of venture capital and private equity based on actual practice of working with several funded companies.

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