Javier Velasquez

Colombian Gamification Designer, Creator of the BEM framework, 2 times GamiCon Throwdown Award winner and Gamification Researcher

About me

Javier has 8 years of experience working with Gamification. After 3 years of working with behavioral gamification, based on rewards, and seeing on how it didn’t bring the expected results, he started researching intrinsic motivation frameworks like Self-determination theory and Accomplishment goal theory to make a better Framework: BEM.

As a game designer he is a systemic thinker, understanding that games are not just about rewarding cycles, but actually about discovering systemic effects. His gamification model embraces emergence as a way to create complexity, the kind that creates change by not telling people how to act, but what goals to pursue.

He’s worked with top companies in Colombia, like Bancolombia, Compensar, Terpel, Grupo Bolivar, Sura Assets Management and more. He has also worked with international companies, like Grupo Modelo, Pernod Ricard, AB InBev, Bank BCP, BAC, Accenture and more.

Javier Velasquez

Speaker's events

Day 5
5:00 pm

Gamification for Change

We will harness the power of game design to boost change in organizations or clients, through engagement and learning cycles.

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