Pranav Bhatia

As a serial entrepreneur, he has played a pivotal role in the co-working industry, incubating startups and driving their growth. With a focus on blockchain ventures, he actively contributes to leading consortiums and explores his spiritual side through teaching and humanitarian work.

About me

Pranav is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder of Stirring Minds Ventures Inc. (www.stirringminds.com), headquartered in California, with operations in India and Middle East. Stirring Minds is one of the pioneers in the co-working industry in India. Stirring Minds Ventures now incubates multiple ventures and under his leadership at Stirring Minds, startups are working towards reaching their true potential. Stirring Minds with its co-working hubs and a thriving entrepreneurial community in India has touched more than a few hundred startups over the last 4 years.

Pranav has been involved with startups for over a decade now, having built multiple edu-tech startups himself, many of which he took to successful exits. He now invests his time and money on his incubate ventures, working on developing the startup and the blockchain ecosystem.

Presently Pranav is focusing on the Blockchain Domain and his new venture SMART BLOCKS is working on a Crypto Hedge Fund, Incubation, Consultancy and Education regarding BLOCKCHAINS. He is also an active founding member in leading Indian and International Blockchain consortiums and think tanks.

Getting his entrepreneurial know-how touch more horizons, in 2010 he also took over a tech services company from a UK based group, that now provides technology services to startups, to a lot of Indian and valley based startups.

And when not involved at work, you can find Pranav being involved in exploring his spiritual side. Being a spiritual trainer, at Art of Living, he conducts programs for students across university and colleges, and for prisoners at Tihar Jail. He’s a foodie, movie buff, dark chocoholic, and more.

Pranav Bhatia

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How to Start A Startup

Learn the essentials of lean startup management and launch your dream into its well deserved reality.

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