Ahlam Oun

Certified Coach & Founder of THAT Coaching Solutions, a coaching business dedicated to evoking synergetic leadership and team transformation of any size within any organization less than 6 months.

About me

Certified Coach, a highly motivated Leadership and Team Transformation Coach , Trainer, Corporate Sustainability leader and an experienced Corporate Banking  Services and Channels Head. Skilled in Alternate Channels, Management, Operational Risk Management and Business Gap Analysis and Process Improvement. I am a merge of unique specialization, a telecommunications engineer with 14 years of experience in Corporate Banking in an international bank.

A fellow and a graduate from diverse leadership programs from Syracuse University, United Nations and London Business School and holding an International Diploma in Management Consultancy from Edexcel.

She is an international volunteer partaking in a number of initiatives in Bahrain, Japan, India , Kenya and Zanzibar. Her journey is enriched with years of volunteering and community outreach activities many of which were lead by her driven passion. She is the founder of “Mumayaz – Inspiring Youth” which is related to inspiring and coaching youth to start their own micro volunteering projects within the community .

Ahlam Oun

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