Imran Yousuf

Leadership Advisor and Coach - ReThinkHR

About me

Imran's dream is "Workplaces where people are more excited about their weekdays than their weekends!"

As a truly global leader who has lived and worked across four continents, an entrepreneur who has founded and co-founded businesses, a CEO, a board member and advisor for tech start-ups, a Business and leadership advisor to family businesses, an executive coach to C-Suite and finally as a certified Senior Human Resources professional, Imran brings a unique perspective to the table.

Having worked with world's top 10 in the field of Human Resources for the last 20+ years placing numerous C-level and board executive in some of the top organizations here in the Region.

Imran is committed to raising the Talent performance in the Middle East through unique business models and the latest international best practices as he appreciates the complex regional strategic issues, corporate culture, and leadership landscape .

He attended Global MBA at Manchester Business School, completed under-graduation from one of the top business school in Turkey and is a certified Senior Human Resources professional (SHRM).

Imran Yousuf

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Day 7
11:00 am

How to increase your hiring success rate to above 90%?

Understand common hiring mistakes and what can you do to increase your hiring success to above 90%.

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