Gokul Ranganathan

Interventionist & Strategic Partner at Erehwon Innovation Consulting, India

About me

Gokul is an Innovation Strategist, Interventionist and Thought Leader. He has immersive, first-hand experience in ‘making innovation happen’ across organizations spanning various domains and industries - from sales, marketing to manufacturing, supply-chain to HR & finance.

He has led and facilitated more than 700 innovation challenges, enabled hundreds of leaders and managers to become ‘Breakthrough Innovators’, has 4000+ hours of live on-project innovation coaching & facilitation experience.

His expertise spans strategic & operational innovation missions, coaching teams & leaders and large scale interventions for building innovation culture.

As a thought leader, Gokul has created a new body of knowledge - The Quantum Innovation Methodology - for transforming operations of an organization by-design whilst building sustainable capability & capacity. His work with Titan Company has been recognized by Harvard Business Review M-Prize as one of the cutting-edge innovation initiatives in the world.

Gokul Ranganathan

Speaker's events

Day 6
9:00 am

Unlocking Value by Transforming Operational Efficiencies: From Steps to Leaps

A webinar that gives an insight on how your business can achieve the best results by transforming operational efficiencies.

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